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Ionic Air Purifiers

Ionic air cleaners emit a steady stream of negative ions into the air. These negative ions attach to airborne molecules, making them negatively charged and attractive to nearby positively charged particles. As this attraction occurs, clumps form, thereby collecting the pollutants and other contaminants in the air. Eventually the molecules become heavy and fall to the floor or land on nearby surfaces, consequently forming dirty surfaces in the area surrounding the air purifier. Ionic air purifiers have a great ability to remove dust, cigarette smoke and pollen from the air effectively.

Negative ions occur naturally, near waterfalls or after it rains, for instance, and have positive effects on humans, animals, and the environment because they create oases of pure air. However, ionic air cleaners aren't so benign. Specifically, they generate ozone. Units which we sell generate very minimal levels of it i.e. 0.03 – 0.04 parts per million. Where as the safest ozone level is 0.05 parts per million.

NaturoPure™ Air Purifiers

An Ideal air purifier that combines seven proven air purification technologies to effectively remove virtually all types of pollutants including dust, odours and micro-organisms.


Water Purifiers / Ionizer

The first thing water ionizers do to your input tap water is filter it using a combination of bacteriological and particulate control, incorporating silver activated charcoal, the most accepted and proven method on the market. Your water passes through ultrafine filtration which helps to remove many contaminants, such as

Inorganic Chemicals
Organic Chemicals
Volatile Organic chemicals
What a water ionizer DOESN`T filter out is soluble minerals. This means that unlike distillers or reverse osmosis devices, with water ionizers you still get minerals in your water. This is the water we have historically always drank and are genetically built to benefit from its use.
  1. World pioneer of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value control system
  2. Large LCD display of ORP and PH value
  3. Unique design of constant ORP output and automatic adjustment 
  4. Super large scale and calcium magnesium bundle protection of electrodes over 800 sq. cm. 
  5. Automatic indicator on filter life status and water flow liters/min 
  6. High efficiency unit with low power consumption 
  7. Overload protection and cooling system
  8. Patented electrodes always keep the ORP value between -250 ~ -400MV 
  9. Automatic electrolysis mode to fit with any kind of clean water supply anywhere 
  10. Module design, self cleaning mode, high reliability, easy installation & maintenance.



When the air is dry, especially in the winter months, it can become unpleasant and even unhealthy, leading to increased levels of static electricity, dry skin, cracked lips and even noise bleeds. Optimal humidity is between 45 to 55% relative humidity. During the winter months though, relative humidity in the average home can drop to below 20%.

Low humidity can lead to a variety of conditions that cause ill health. Dust particles, bacteria, viruses, dust mite feces that are normally trapped by the moist nasal membrane lining in the nose can more easily get into the lungs when the air is dryer and thus reduce the body’s natural defense mechanism. These invaders overload the immune system and irritate the mucous membranes resulting in more coughing and susceptibility to disease.

The HF 707 is an ideal ultrasonic humidifier for homes, apartments, offices and anywhere there is low humidity. Ultrasonic water vapour is highly beneficial to individuals. Their biggest advantage is high performance combined with low energy consumption.


Ultrasonic Humidifiers use ultrasonic high frequency oscillation to break up water into tiny water particles about 1.5 microns in diameter. The ventilation system blows out the water particles into the dry air where they evaporate and create the required humidity level. The water particles appear as a steady stream of mist or fog as they travel up and out of the machine.

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